There are times when a combination of perfectly designed fabric awnings can stand by your particular requirements. We, at GT Blinds, offer wider and effective range of Canvas awnings in Brisbane and nearby areas.

We value your privacy and safety and as such our experts use best quality of fabrics from reputed suppliers in Australia.

Types of canvas awnings

Based on your needs and requirements, you might alter your choice of Canvas awnings from one to another. You get the options of choosing from traditional fixed frame models like Dutch hood, boulevard, eyelid and colonial, or you could just be happy with the adjustable roll-up awnings. We are proud to bring this to your recognition that GT Blinds has all the kinds of Canvas awnings to suit your specific requirements.

The eyelid style of awnings compliments its name, having a shape of an eyelid layered with the fabric of your choice. It specifically best suits arched windows. You can innovatively dress your windows using these awnings.

The colonial has a shape of a quarter cylinder with uniform radius and an enclosed gable end.

The Dutch hood is almost similar to the colonial style but differs in radius and has three different sections.

The boulevard design matches eyelid style of Canvas awnings and are just stretched out.

Coming to the adjustable roll-up awnings, it has the ability to cover windows, verandas and patios. You can have shade in the outdoor areas choosing one option from manual or electronic type.

Get the right canvas awnings from us

You have the widest range of canvas awnings to choose from, when you are at GT Blinds. We also offer you the choice of a suitable material once the kind of fabric is decided on your consent. You can select one from different fabrics like translucent, transparent sunscreen and block-out fabrics.

Contact GT Blinds for more information on our canvas awnings supply and installation for your home or workplace.

We would love to help you with our comprehensive range of canvas awning products available at competitive rates.

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