External Awnings Gold Coast

External awnings are considered as the perfect choice to protect and enclose an area to improve its usability in poor weather conditions of Gold Coast. You can opt for patio enclosures, café dining, swimming centre enclosures, and many other things. For the retractable feature, they allow you adapt to the day changes by keeping it open in good weather and enclosing the areas in times bad stormy weather.

The wide range of external awnings in Gold Coast manufactured at GT Blinds is evident of the high quality products we develop based on the client’s requirements. You will receive the best results possible when it comes to functionality and work quality.

Available range and benefits

  • Folding Arm Awnings.
  • Motorised awnings with Wind Sensors
  • Retractable Roof awnings.
  • Fixed Frame Hood Awnings
  • Typical wind ratings at or above 40km/h.
  • Typical Lifespan 5-10+ years.

Type of external awnings

Canvas, shade view and acrylic

External window coverings are available in canvas, shade view or acrylic in both plain and patterned colours. These awnings can be fixed or retractable to match the external colour scheme of your home.

Clear PVC

For your pergola area, clear PVC will be a great protective option on windy and cold days. By installing clear PVC, you can have the relaxing benefits of spending leisure time in your garden staying protected from outside elements.

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