Aluminium awnings are extremely durable, low-maintenance and resistant to weathering and corrosion. They are the perfect barrier against hailstorms, acting as a protecting element of glass. There might arise a situation when the panels damage. However, these can be easily fixed as compared to damaged glass and water inundation. At GT Blinds, we offer this protective system for your house at affordable prices.

Features and benefits of our Aluminium awnings in Brisbane

  • Easy panel replacement: In a situation when a panel gets damaged, the design of the awning enables easy replacement of the panel without taking out the awning.
  • Good protection from outside elements: It offers a protective layer for your house, keeping you safe from harsh sun, strong winds and heavy rainfall. This keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Cool summers: When you choose adjustable or fixed aluminium awnings, you get superior protection from outside elements having cool summers.
  • Three variations: While choosing these awnings, you get a chance to select from standard closed pitch, open pitch or adjustable awnings enabling external and internal controls.
  • Overall protection from weather changes: For overall protection from weather changes, choosing these awnings is the best option for your house.

Types of Aluminium Awnings

Aluminium patio awnings: This is the waterproof kind of awning which protects you even in times of heavy rainfall. Its effective design and construction makes it a perfect choice for your balcony or exposed deck.

Adjustable aluminium exterior awnings: It is among the award winning designs withstanding obstacles with its lightweight construction. The modern colour-coded end caps and colors you can choose from will also win your heart as an addition to its easy operation. Its best feature is the sun protection and heat control benefit.

Aluminium window hood awnings: It is a traditional window hood which when combined with a standard aluminium awning forms the aluminium window hood awning.

Dutch and Eyelid hood awnings blinds: This type of awnings is created to offer a wow factor to your home or business. The modern and design and construction makes it one of the most accepted kind of aluminium awnings in Brisbane.

Choose a suitable kind for your home or office today!

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