Aluminium awnings

are an ideal choice for controlling the external shade of doorways, verandas, windows and entertainment areas. Aluminium awnings available at GT Blinds can bring a transformation to your home exterior protecting it from the harsh weather conditions in the region.
We offer awnings in different styles that suit your d├ęcor. We will be glad to help you in the decision making on which awnings to buy.

Kingston Awnings

This type of aluminium awning is designed in a style with panels set in vertical direction. These waterproof awnings are available in variety of colours. Its posts free support makes it a versatile choice to cover almost anything from that small window in your house or a doorway to a large terrace.

Louvelux Awnings

These louvelux awnings are particularly designed to develop a passive solar shading that only louvre offers. These awnings are a combination of materials like high grade aluminium with laser slats cut into different perimeter beams to avoid any poor cuts or joints. You can even use it as a horizontally mounted window shade.

Trinidad awnings

It is an aluminium louvre designed awning that can either be fixed or adjustable. These set of awnings offer immense heat, light and privacy control by enabling you the option to fix or adjust the louvre at an angle that perfectly blocks high amount of direct sunlight into the area. It is most suitable for cooling purposes as it allows soft cooling breeze to get through the blades.


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