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Louvre Awnings Brisbane

With more than 25 years of rich experience in the blind and awning industry, GT Blinds takes great pride in our exclusive selection of  Louvre  awnings that suit every taste and style, serve various functions and purposes, and fit all types of budgets!

Louvre Awnings Brisbane

We, at GT Blinds, provide our clients with sustainable and widest range of louvre awnings in Brisbane and other surrounding areas. If you choose horizontal louvre awning, it can be fitted in front of a door or window or on the side of an exposed area in your home or office for better protection.

You can find both adjustable and fixed blades with a hand winder that you can get fitted externally or internally.

Adjustable Louvre awnings in Brisbane

Using the plus point of its lightweight construction, adjustable exterior awnings can withstand extreme harsh conditions, protecting your home or office. It offers the most effective sun protection and heat control function amongst the many types of awnings available in the market.

The panels are easy-to-use. Simply close them to block almost 90% of heat transmission and open them to have control on air-flow and natural light. The best part is you get everything at your fingerprints using the internal handle provided with the awnings.

Fixed Louvre awnings in Brisbane

The fixed panels offer the most efficient deal between cooling breeze, natural light and sun protection. In a situation where the panels are damaged or broken or you have jut repainted your house with a new colour, all you need is a simple replacement of panels without completely removing the awning. You get to choose from 15 different standard colours based on your exterior decor.  

Features and benefits of our louvre awnings

  • Durable: As made up of aluminium, it is highly resistive to weathering and corrosion with minimum maintenance needs.
  • Operational: Highly functional with the easy-to-use panels which allows highest protection and privacy both in fixed and adjustable awnings.
  • Energy efficient: Holds the ability to deflect almost 90% of heat transmission through the window
  • Perfect installation: Offers up to 8 installation configuration for each kind of home
  • Made in Australia: Supports Australian industry

Order Your Louvre Awnings Today

We are a leading family-owned and operated Australian company servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Jimboomba and Logan City areas. We offer a supply and installation service for both our commercial and residential Louvre Awnings in these areas.

Call us now on 07 3209 6482 to organise a FREE measure and Quote or for more information about our wide range of Louvre awnings or click here if you would prefer to email us. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

As a family owned and operated business, GT Blinds offers Louvre awnings as either supply only or supply and install.