It is important to keep flies and other insects away from home as it can be frustrating to see a bee buzzing around when you are asleep. Do you just ignore them doing nothing to get rid of them completely? Well, this is not going to solve the problem. Wouldn’t it be better to find a permanent solution to the common issue?

GT Blinds has got the most effective way to get away from disturbing flies and insects – retractable fly screens in Brisbane. By installing these fly screens in your home, you are exposed to fresh air and beautiful view outside. However, not every fly screen is designed the same way.

Retractable fly screens are made with a motive to solve the issue of screening large openings using its horizontal insect screen mechanism. It can screen openings 7.6m wide at maximum effectively with just a single touch on the vast system. Once you have installed fly screens, you can have your doors and windows open as long as you want without worrying about the entry of flies and insects. By this way, you also improve ventilation of your house and positively lowering the use of air conditioner.

Features and benefits of retractable fly screens

  • Ensures total protection from UV rays and insects
  • Beautiful retractable design
  • Enables total ventilation and longevity
  • When not using, it retracts out of sight
  • Double-French doors
  • Stacker doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Single doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Professional installation and regular servicing
  • Versatile to any application
  • Wider colour range to match your exterior decor
  • Oversized doorways
  • Out-swing and in-swing doors

Working of retractable fly screens

Retractable fly screens and roller blinds share the same working process. The only difference between the two is the fly screens use insect screen mesh instead of fabric and the roll remains unexposed to view.

In case of a retractable fly screen, the operation starts with mesh rolling into the cassette fitted vertically or horizontally. This mesh roll is also spring tensioned to ensure it rolls back into the cassette on screen extension or when the screen is released. The smooth rolling back of mesh roll stays sympathetic to your home design.

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