Add Space around your home with the Perfect Innovative Design of our Concertina Doors

Are you in search for something that could add more space in your house? Do you have any plans to turn your doors more attractive and beautiful? If so, concertina doors can be your efficient choice, At GT Blinds, we offer these stylish and effective doors for your house, imparting more space with its unique construction.

Concertina doors are a kind of folding doors that opens flat against a wall, displaying an accordion style arrangement. These type are suitable for large openings ad if you want to open up a space completely, this is the way to cut down the door barrier.

You can find them in different materials such as solid timber, vinyl cloth, laminate material, timber veneer and anodized or powder coated aluminium. To have it more attractive, you can also have a glass panel set inside the door. We not just have our comprehensive range of concertina doors in Brisbane limited to type, but you get different colors to choose from as well. Based on your favorite color and matching d├ęcor, you can have a specific color scheme for the concertina doors.

Advantages of having concertina doors

  1. Unique opening system: It has a unique folding and sliding opening system, the bifold doors can improve the space utilization in your house. They offer a purely revolutionary opening as compared to other commercial and domestic doors.
  2. Higher profit margins: As they hold a good position and reputation as an innovatively luxurious product, concertina doors are priced high as compared to the various other conventional doors in the industry. If you want a home improvement in terms of luxury and innovation, this is worth an investment indeed.
  3. Suitable to commercial and domestic applications: These are a beneficial addition to your house as they suit both commercial and domestic applications, If in search of a versatile product to corner both these markets, our range of concertina doors is perfect for you.

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