Nowadays, retractable awnings and sunshades are among the most popular methods of transforming the beauty of your house or business place to improve its appeal and appearance. Folding arm awnings serve best for the purpose from heat transfer control to turning the place functional, awnings function incredibly giving a convenient solution.

We have discussed some tips to look upon while choosing awnings in Gold Coast. Keep reading.

Select the right solution for the right opening or window

Here comes the biggest question while deciding for the type of awnings – Which shade solution, would be perfect for which openings and windows? Well, this depends on the location with respect to the sun.

Consider this fact – north and south facing windows or openings are subjected to higher angle of the sun than the east and west facing openings. Thus these areas demand narrower shading overhead as compared to east and west facing openings. If you go for fixed horizontal external awnings for your Gold Coast home, it would be a smart decision indeed.

Coming to the east and west openings, they require different approach due to the level of difficulty in shading the area for low angle morning and afternoon sun. Adjustable shading like external blinds is a great solution for these openings.

Choose the right colours for external awnings in Gold Coast

Once you are done with the selection of the awning type, it is time to talk about the colours. Choosing the right colour is equally important as it must match the home design, colour and looks without creating an odd appearance of the building.

You can go safe by choosing neutral colours like white, beige, cream as they match every kind of features, both interior and exterior. If there’s a mismatch, you will have to end up repainting the walls.

Consider the temperature conditions interior and outdoors

As per the Australian Government guidelines for sustainable design, direct sunlight has the potential to ignite heat equal to that of a single bar radiator spread over a square meter of a surface. However, using effective shading can block this heat by almost 90%. When you use folding arm awnings in Gold Coast, especially for the outdoors, it reduces summer temperatures, saving energy and building better comfort inside the house.

You might not know but a huge amount of heat is amplified by your window glass. No matter there are shades put on the glasses, you can still estimate the temperature outside through them. It is because indoor shades do not block the air circulation completely and the air inside is remains warm.

On the other hand exterior awnings can block the direct sunlight right from hitting the window. This indicates the room temperature remains cooler even during hot summers.

Hopefully you are now convinced to install folding arm awnings in your Gold Coast home. Contact us for more information on our high quality products.