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Retractable Fly Screens

Improve Your Comfort level At Home with Retractable Fly Screens

Whatever be your choice with those traditional window screens in your Brisbane home, it won’t do any good beyond controlling pests and insects from entering your home. Want a more reliable and effective alternative? Retractable fly screen is the answer. Traditional window screens fail to provide the desired level of comfort due to the interrupted visible screens. They only prove helpful in keeping away flies and pests from your house but disturb a clear view. As an effective alternative, using retractable fly screens in Brisbane is a better option as they help maintain a clearer view, stylish look and easy maintenance.

Let us talk about the design elements of retractable fly screens. Read on!

Mesh: The mesh used in the screens can be of different material like aluminium, fiber glass, etc. Majority of homeowners opt for the invisible or clear mesh, commonly made up of fiberglass. If you want, you can try a mesh with gray-like finish. It also comes in various sizes for different purposes. The main function of the mesh in the retractable insect screen is to keep away flies and insects. However, one should also keep in mind that using a mesh having thicker wires and smaller spaces will block sunlight, minimising glare and heat. Ultimately, it reduces your energy costs and keeps you cooler inside the home. Moreover, it prevents flooring and fading of furniture, maintaining privacy at home.

Colours and styles: The style and colour of the screens are also a matter of concern while you choose a suitable type for your home. If your priority lies in making your home look stylish, go for modern colours. In case you have an urge to stick to traditional touch, choose from brown, ivory, gray, white and black shades. You can also go with matching colours with your decor and surrounding area.

Automatic or manual functions: It might be a bit confusing while deciding which screens to choose – manual or automatic. You can select one from the wide range available at GT Blinds. In most cases, retractable fly screens are operated manually. You should make sure the tracks are subjected to lubrication at regular intervals for easy functioning. In case of a place with larger spaces like for your patio, you should go for the automatic option. You can control the functions with the remote control or switches. If you want, you can also use the automatic window screen systems using special sensors. The sensors have the capacity to detect high wind speeds and raises screens on time, preventing damage.

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