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Panel Glide Blinds

Panel Glide Blinds are stylish window covering suitable for any window, but look best when covering an opening that goes all the way to the floor. They provide a modern and striking way to control light and privacy. Panel Glides operate on a versatile and unique tracking system that allows a series of flat fabric panels to traverse along a horizontal track. The panels move effortlessly along the tracks, using a sleek operational wand, which eliminates the requirement of safety devices and clunky chains. When the blinds are open the panels pile up easily into any corner and can even be centered.

Panel Glide Blinds

Panel Glides offer style, privacy, and sun control for your large windows. They are perfect for sliding doors, bi-fold doors, and large window areas. These stackable Panel Glides are also perfect for the French and sliding doors. They can easily be used in the same room Roller blinds, because they look the same when closed but offer different functionality when opening.

We Provide Excellent Panel Glide Blinds, Ideal for the Sliding Windows and Doors within Your Premises At GT Blinds our Panel Glide Blinds are custom designed to suit your needs and are available in different designs, textures, and colours. Our fabrics have three levels of light control and privacy. Block-out fabrics block light from coming through the fabric, while Solar screen fabrics reduce the glare and heat without hindering your view and translucent fabrics sit in between Block-outs and Solar Screen fabrics. The amount of natural light and privacy will depend on your choice of fabric.

Our customers also have the choice of three styles of Panel Glide Blinds,

  • Panel Classic
  • Panel Ezy
  • Panel Free

The Panel Classic has fixed horizontal timber battens evenly spaced down both sides the panels, giving the blinds a nice finish on both sides. This provides a nice finish both inside & outside your home.

The Panel Ezy has fixed aluminium timber battens evenly spaced down the back of each panel, creating a creased look on the panels on the inside. The Panel Free is a plain finish with only one batten at the very top of each panel that prevents cupping. This option is a free hanging panel of fabric with no battens, leaving a seamless finish.

Panel Glide Blinds are contemporary and fashionable. They can convert any room into a stylish and liveable space. They offer stylish appeal, practicality along with a smooth gliding action. GT Blinds provides a large variety of Panel Glide Blinds suitable for your business or home. They can also make outstanding room dividers for your apartment or office and are a fantastic alternative to vertical blinds.

Panel Glides offer many features and benefits, including:

  • All the Panel Glide Blinds are customized to customers requirements
  • Available in screen, complete block out, or light filtering fabrics
  • Easy to operate and light weight
  • Smart option for large windows, sliding doors, and an effective room divider
  • When opened, its fabric panel stacks neatly into a corner after

At GT Blinds, we can transform the look of your room our Panel Glide Blinds. When opened, the Panel Glides stack neatly allowing maximum light in the room. When drawn, these sliding blinds form a beautiful fabric screen that provide increased privacy and light control. Panel Glide Blinds are the newest innovation in shading solutions for large windows and doors. Panel Glides look wonderful and are suitable for both commercial and home environments.

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